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Summit 2010

Agenda | Venue

We already have all the intellectual, technological and entrepreneurial resources we need to bring our higher education system into the 21st century and ensure it serves all of our citizens. We began the dialog at the DGREE Summit in January, 2010, where we gathered together business colleagues, union leaders, venture capitalists, educational foundations, university presidents, academic leaders, and accreditors. During January 6-8, over 80 technologists and educators met to discuss the future of higher education and to officially kick off DGREE. 


Wednesday, January 6
Welcome Reception

Thursday, January 7
Welcome: Tara Lemmey, LENS Ventures
Welcome: Jamie Merisotis, Lumina Foundation for Education
The Big Hello: Everyone
The Talent Dividend: Carol Coletta, CEO for Cities
Making an Impact with Architecture: Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity
Dialogue: Carol Coletta, Cameron Sinclair and Tara Lemmey
The Future of Higher Education: A Visualization: Tara Lemmey, LENS Ventures


Bringing Back the Generalist: Liz Coleman, President Bennington College
Redirecting our Workforce: Gina Glantz, SEIU
Dialogue: The Next Degree: What do we need to know? Liz Coleman, Gina Glantz and Tara Lemmey
Joe Kalkman, Best Buy
Online and Offline Revisited: Candice Thille, Open Learning
Dialogue: Emerging Models: Quintuce Jett, Salim Ismail, Victoria Maizes and Tara Lemmey

Lunch Break

Donna Wells, Mint
Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn
Dialogue: The Role of Information in Learning and Decision Making: Reid Hoffman, Donna Wells and Tara Lemmey
Social Media: Educator-Generator Content Matt Wilsey, Howcast, Michael Sippey, Six Apart and Ana McCullough, Shmoop
Math and Science Learning Models: Keith Devlin, Stanford University
Making it Compelling: What Can We Learn from Entertainment: Don Levy, Elizabeth Coppinger and Tara Lemmey
Introduction to Working Groups: Tara Lemmey, LENS Ventures


Working Groups
Platforms: Tara Lemmey
Policy: Elliot Maxwell
Curriculum: Gary Bolles


The Nature of Platforms: JP Rangaswami, BT

Friday, January 8
Welcome: Tara Lemmey, LENS Ventures

The government and other lessons from technology: Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media
Dale Dougherty, MAKE
Funding: Sean Foote, Labrador Ventures


Quintus Jett, Rutgers University
Landscapes Discussion: Ralph Wolff, Western Association of Schools Colleges
Closing remarks



(Photographs by Kodiak Greenwood)Cavallo Point is one the most beautiful and relaxing places in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently named as one of the ten new American Landmarks by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the resort is nestled next to the Golden Gate Bridge and overlooks the City of San Francisco across the San Francisco Bay. Cavallo Point is where nature, nurture, adventure and culture meet, making it the ideal place to kick off DGREE.